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★★★★★ This English application is absolutely Free!★★★★★ Total 20 months English Conversation Full Package!!★★★★★ Applied

★★★★★ This English application is absolutely Free!
★★★★★ Total 20 months English Conversation Full Package!!
★★★★★ Applied HD Quality Video & MES Vocab
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★ English Fist Step & Pre-Beginner course (1day 20min for 4month)
The first step towards English fluency!
Introduction to Conversation is a gateway to the first level of English conversation.
Not only will you learn the most basic greetings, but you will be guided through building a simple conversation, using fundamental English expressions and vocabulary.
Students will also learn the MES method of building questions and answers through constant practice with the instruction of a native speaking instructor.
Introduction to Conversation students focus on their pronunciation and memorization of the tenses during the eLessons.
The goal for students of Introduction to Conversation is to start speaking English from day one, while mastering the basic tenses, vocabulary and correct pronunciation!
★ Beginner course (1day 20min for 4month)
Apply your English to Real Life Situations!
Beginner Conversation is aimed at students at the beginner level of conversational English.
This course is designed to introduce students to questioning and answering about themselves and others.
Students will start working on building simple conversations they can apply immediately, in real life situations.
students will master an array of modern English vocabulary while perfecting their tenses and are encouraged to focus on their pronunciation, intonation and speed.
★ Intermediate Conversation Course(1day 20min for 4month)
Expand your Conversation Skills!
Intermediate Conversation introduces a series of new tenses and more difficult vocabulary.
This course challenges students to build longer, more personal sentences and practice using prepositional phrases, adverbs and time references to make questions and answers more specific.
Students also learn how to understand and fluently use everyday expressions, slang and idioms.
Students at this level are encouraged to really focus on their confidence and fluency.
★ Advanced Conversation Course (1day 20min for 4month)
Speak English Just Like a Native Speaker
Advanced Conversation is designed for advanced students who already have a working knowledge of English and the ability to speak about themselves and others using most tenses.
During these eLessons, students will practice speaking using modal verbs and compound sentences with self-assured speed and fluency.
The instructor will speak at a regular conversation speed and use a large number of modern expressions.
Students at this level will be expected to understand grammar and will instead focus more on confidence, intonation and naturalness.
★ Special!!
Business Conversation Course (1day 20min for 4month)
Enter the world of global business English!
Our Business Conversation eLessons have been designed for all business people and those wishing to learn how to conduct business in English.
Students will learn specific, practical skills and vocabulary that go beyond the realm of general conversation.
We instruct students on how to conduct meetings, give presentations, negotiate successfully, network with foreign business associates and communicate effectively via the telephone.
Students also cover all the relevant and modern business language including expressions and idioms.
Our Business Conversation eLessons help students conduct better business in today’s global, fast paced, corporate world.
This course is recommended for Business level students, so if you’re not at the Business level yet, we recommend you start with a conversation course before beginning Business Conversation, such as Introduction to Conversation or Beginner Conversation.

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